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Opened up the ft-1000d today and discovered that the famous w8ji noise blanker modification was missing. Well, no need to dwell. Fired up the soldering iron, picked up three 1n4148’s and a 10k resistor and started to work the mod. And the modification went smooth as oil. The process can be seen in pictures below. I’m not going to discuss the technical detail of this mod, for this information please visit w8ji and n1eu. Oh yes, another thing I discovered was that the rig had the inrad roofing filter mod already installed, that was a nice surprise!


IF board area where the mod is going to be applyed

Connectors in the right corner removed for easier access.

Soldering diodes to connector J2001.

10k resistor soldered to ground lug and third diode soldered to TP2001.

Modification completed