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After serving me for many years, my good old keyer, microham mkII stopped keying last night.
Of course this happens at the least convenient time, during a contest.
I got an idea of where the fault lies, but if any of you guys has a schematic if the MKII lying around, I would VY much like a copy.
73 de LA6TPA

Failed Microham MKII

Couple of months ago high wind gusts bent a support tube in my tower.
Well, yesterday was repair day. Here are some photos.

20160501_161742 (Large)

Photo taken earlier showing a bent support tube.


20160712_123726 (Large)

Winch in place, getting ready to lower.


20160712_131156 (Large)

Antenna on its way down.


20160712_135909 (Large)

Faulty support tube removed.


20160712_140028 (Large)

Not straight.


20160712_202250 (Large)

On its way up again.


20160712_211311 (Large)



20160712_211323 (Large)

improvements: Support tube is now made of steel, before it was of aluminum. Also, notice the second support bearing in the middle. Hopefully this improvements will make it hold.