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Here is a Hi-Pot tester I have just finished.
Hi-pot tester is good for 11Kv at the terminals and the leakage current is 3uA.
I’m pretty happy with the result.

Testing a Burle 8792 transmitting tube. Leakage is 3uA @ 7Kv

Inside view from the top


EDIT: Transformer listed in shematics is not correct. You must use an linear type. The one listed is electronic and no good for this use.

I’m trowing in a couple of pictures of the FOX DELTA ST2 Antenna Tracking Interface that I have build.
Unit works great, but on the bench for the moment. Antennas ain’t finished yet. 🙁
I’m in the proccess of building a 144Mhz 4×7-Element-Yagi array for EME. ETA not known.











Here are some pictures of my second GPSDO.
This one, like my first GPSDO is based on the G3RUH James Miller desing.
Whats new with this is that I have added a Picaxe controller and a display unit for decoding the GPS NMEA-0183 sentences.
The display show various information decoded of the gps sentences.
But the main reason for building the MKII was that I needed it for controlling my DDS based WSPR Beacon.
GPSDO 10Mhz output drives the DDS and the micro-controller which steers the DDS.
The picaxe gps decoder take care of the keying of the beacon at the start of every tx period.

Ii’l will come back with a separate post regarding details of the wspr beacon.