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Here is an offer from my friend Dom F1FRV. In need for something like this, make your move fast as he build 1st class electronics!!

Jeu de circuits imprimes pour ampli avec triode
Jeu complet de 4 circuits iùprimes pour ampli de puissance avec triode.
Double face, trous metallises, 2 vernis epargne et 1 serigraphie.
Carte logique, carte cathode, carte temporisation arret ventilateur, carte pour face avant boitier avec leds et inters.
Toutes les documentations: schemas, nomenclatures, docs des composants etc. sont disponibles.
Voir http://f1frv.free.fr/Flea_Market.html.
QSJ 50 Euros (hors frais de port et Paypal).
73s de Dom
Full set of printed circuit boards for triode power amplifier
Set of 4 PCBs dual side, plated thru holes, 2 resist varnishes, and 1 silkscreen.
Logic board, cathode & meters card, blower delayed stop card, front plate card with leds & switches.
All documentation, schematic diagrams, bill of materials, datasheets etc. are available.
See http://f1frv.free.fr/Flea_Market.html.
QSJ 50 Euros (ex shiping and Paypal fees).
73s de Dom.

Here is a line of homebrew circuit board that I have made for a amplifier project I am working on. (Which by the way takes forever to comlete 🙂  )
These boards are designed by Dominique F1FRV which have laid down a tremendous effort in designing these boards.
Dominique has done some minor changes to the design since these boards were made, so cards made by his latest instructions will look a bit different from these.