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Have thrown together some parts on a plank here. The idea is to make a “lean” power supply to test my crowbar circuit.
Output is 630v with the current limiter (spot light bulb @ 120watt). And the capacity of the filter capacitors is about 1100uF.
This should be enough energy for the preliminary circuit tests.

Crowbar test supply


….to be continued if I survive 🙂

Have been working on a crowbar circuit for my universal high voltage power supply for some time now.
And here is a early preview of the circuit. This unit is meant to bolt right on top of my 5kV 100uF filter capacitor.
As the picture shows I have cut a air gap into the PCB to strengthen the isolation between high an lo- voltage areas on the card.

HV crowbar unit

Here is the schematics of the circuit. And I must emphasize, this circuit is not fully tested yet!!!
Crowbar circuit