4 comments on “Small transmitting loop for 1,8 – 6 MHz

  1. Nice loop – there aren’t many online examples of small, multi-turn transmitting loops.

    Could you provide a close-up image of the capacitor mounting (under the bucket)? Having multiple turns complicates the mechanical mounting of the capacitor, and I’m curious how you did it.

  2. There is not really much to show under the bucket as there only is a small air-capacitor loosely connected with wires. I have however plans to get a motor driven vacuum-capacitor. But I have not yet had any success in finding suitable capacitor. 73 de LA6TPA

  3. You might consider building your own butterfly capacitor. There are lots of articles on the web, and if constructed well, they can approach the performance of a vacuum variable. I’m investigating this route now for my next loop.

  4. As qrp.gaijin said: “…there aren’t many online examples of small, multi-turn transmitting loops.”

    I was hoping there’d be more online since he wrote that but I have yet to find more.
    At least not any as encouraging and simply enjoyable as yours.

    I’d like to replicate your multi-turn small transmitting loop antenna shown here, however I want to see if I can use the spools of 3/8″ copper tubing I have laying dormant.

    I’ll appreciate sharing how you calculated the number of turns of tubular radiator for a specific diameter tubing. I just want to envision the scale of the radiator coil I’ll need to construct.

    Thanks again for an very down-to-earth and inspiring article!!
    73 de WB2HJK

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