Santa, ehhh sorry, the postman just brought in a new toy here.
It is a radio, but not HAM-radio, sorry.
It is time to retire my soon to be 30-year-old Sony FM stereo receiver.
The successor is going to be this Yamaha Network/FM/DAB+ receiver, which has all kind of bells and whistles. (Just barely tested it, but it sounds very good)

Yamaha R-N803D Network Receiver

After serving me for many years, my good old keyer, microham mkII stopped keying last night.
Of course this happens at the least convenient time, during a contest.
I got an idea of where the fault lies, but if any of you guys has a schematic if the MKII lying around, I would VY much like a copy.
73 de LA6TPA

Failed Microham MKII

Busy EME morning

As shown in my previous post, my new 144MHz antenna setup works much better than before.
It has been a very busy morning, whit lot of QSO’s. Even worked a single yagi station, only worked 4 and up yagi stations before.

Some of my QSO’s this morning


Now I am going a bit of topic again, but what is the best aircraft sound, or noise if you will?
If you ask me; nr#2 – UH-1 “Huey” Helicopter where the crew is playing the Rolling Stones, loooooooadly.
nr#1; Any aircraft, caring one or more of the famous Rolls-Royce Merlin engines; spitfire, hurricane, battle, Lancaster, etc. but the best of them all (in my mind) a  P-51 Mustang fitted with the RR merlin