Busy EME morning

As shown in my previous post, my new 144MHz antenna setup works much better than before.
It has been a very busy morning, whit lot of QSO’s. Even worked a single yagi station, only worked 4 and up yagi stations before.

Some of my QSO’s this morning


Now I am going a bit of topic again, but what is the best aircraft sound, or noise if you will?
If you ask me; nr#2 – UH-1 “Huey” Helicopter where the crew is playing the Rolling Stones, loooooooadly.
nr#1; Any aircraft, caring one or more of the famous Rolls-Royce Merlin engines; spitfire, hurricane, battle, Lancaster, etc. but the best of them all (in my mind) a  P-51 Mustang fitted with the RR merlin

Got a whisper from a friend about his cheap single-board computer.

Have now two of these running with RTL-SDR receivers, decoding ads-b.
Works very good, much cheaper than original pi’s


armbian linux

$10 Orange pi zero.

opdate 08.07.2017

There have been some reports of some instability regarding the wifi on these devices, but I have been running mine 42 days without any incident.