There has been some connectivity outage today.
My ISP has upgraded some fiber line hardware and they did not tell me that my “fixed” IP address would change.
I have been busy this evening changing various settings her, but I think everything should be in order by now.

Hmmmm………… Just upgraded to WordPress 3.7 here and I see there is a problem, in my case, that is. B4 you had to click on the post heading text to get into the post itself for doing comments etc. , that does not work any more, now you have to click on this small comments counter. A number within brackets located down at the lower left end of the post. It may be that I am running an old style not updated in many years that causing this odd behavior but I am for certainly not going to investigate this problem this evening.


EDIT: The old heading is gone away… odd…   🙁


UPDATE: I changed theme and it seems to be ok now.