I just want to share my experience with the 5TB Seagate Barracuda ST5000LM000 2.5″ Internal Hard Drive.
I am not going to share my own thoughts about this drive her in public.
Instead I will leave it up to you! to do your own judgement.
Back in February 2019 I bought 10 of these drives for stationary use.
After 2 to 3 months, two of these failed totally.
Then in May, I bought one more from a different supplier. Well, this last one lasted for one and a half month.
To summarize; three out of eleven drives failed within three months of use.
I have never seen anything like it before.

UPDATE 2019.09.07. One more drive failed this morning. But at least this one lasted about six months.

Bought this nice media interface of eBay for around 33USD and I must say I’ve got value for my money.
It does not have any brand but it is marked as the moddel CH-528 though.
Anyway, it can read several kinds of memory cards, it has several usb ports and audio jacks in its front.
What makes it very useful for me is that I now can connect both old IDE drives and newer SATA drives on the fly without opening my computer or rebooting. This is a very good thing as friends and family constantly drops by with a “computer problem” which needs to be rectified. Hooking up a drive for data recovery is now very easy.

Here’s some pix…

Cable for external drives
Front view

Rear view

Power, SATA, USB x 2 & Audio cables

Lid removed

Upper PCB removed

Another close up with the upper PCB removed

Unit in place

Simultaneously testing a IDE & SATA drive

View of disk manager with SD card, USB pen drive, IDE & SATA drive