2 comments on “Yaesu Elevation Rotor AC 2 DC conversion

  1. Hello,
    Sometime ago, I solved similar problem with my Kenpro rotor (predecessor of the Yaesu), I left it rewinded and it worked again. The reason of buring was missing stop switch on the end of the dial. The motor got there and stopped there and with no cooling it burned. Even in the original there was a waring that after 1minute work it must be 1minute peace period.
    I would like to know, if you have seen some problems with the spark noises from the motor, I am using for elevation the Superjack, which has DC motor and although there is (simple) LC filtering, I hear it in the 2m and 70cm radio, when motor is on.
    BR from Prague,
    OK1VAW, Vojtech

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