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Got a whisper from a friend about his cheap single-board computer.

Have now two of these running with RTL-SDR receivers, decoding ads-b.
Works very good, much cheaper than original pi’s


armbian linux

$10 Orange pi zero.

opdate 08.07.2017

There have been some reports of some instability regarding the wifi on these devices, but I have been running mine 42 days without any incident.

I have now replaced the single 120mm 6000 rpm fan with twin 80mm 13000 rpm fans.
You cannot see them in this video clip, but you can certainly hear them.
The twin fan setup is a lot more efficient then the single fan. Full load temperature dropped somewhere around 7 deg. C, and that’s a lot. Also; it may be a bit hard to see on my messy work bench, but I have now modified the OP-amp circuits on the LED Audio VU meters, and they now shows forward and reflected power.(they are on the desk just in front of the pa-deck)
By the way, here finishing a QSO via the moon with DK4RC.