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  1. Hi from Madrid:

    Now I build a 1 Kw LMDS linear Amp.

    I buy second hand Flatpack2 + SmartPack, but no software available.

    Can you say where I can download PowerSuit software.

    I like to configure 48v output, and work whithout SmartPack controler..

    Many Tks in advance.


  2. Hi Geir
    Same question Angel asked you… I’m looking for the powersuite utility.
    I have one flatpack 2 -so far- an a smartpack controler. Stuck with the default password


  3. Hi Geir

    I’m looking at this page http://la6tpa.com/category/mods/

    I have the same rack as you but with three 3,00W units and a blanking plate where your fourth one fits on the right.

    I can get into the service menu with the SmartPack, but whatever I do the output does not change.

    Do you know which option I need to set the output to 48V please ?


    Dave G4IUG

  4. Hi, I’m Angel EA4GIG.

    I already have my FlatPack working but I can’t go above 56VDC.

    The Pallet of the PA that I have is powered by 65VDC.

    Some hardware / software modification is known to get to 65 VDC

    Thank you

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