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Still fighting with the old Fritzel beam 🙂 It is around 30 Kg but when it’s in the air it feels like a ton. (no crane here, just a ladder and raw muscle force. hi hi )
My mast tube where to weak 50x2mm alu. Antenna is slightly off balance and this imbalance bent my mast without any wind force at all. It looked like a banana.

Anyway, my current rotator is to weak for this size of a antenna, but I have a stronger one lying in my garage. The trouble is that I do not have a controller for it, so I just ordered a new controller from MDS, a RC1-Y.





I got this antenna for free from a friend. It is really a FB DX-706 but the 706 configuration is to large for my small city lot, so I had  to down size it to a FB DX-506 configuration.
When I got it, the antenna looked like it have been run-over by a freight train. Some tubes where missing, most of the tubes where bent, traps where full of sand, cobwebs, dead bees and wasps.

Luckily there was no aluminum corrosion. Dismantled the howl ting and cleaned it up.