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Last night I got a Foscam FI9821W ip-cam to play with, but within an hour it was broken because the firmware upgrade failed. I was simply trying to upgrade from to the version.
The camera interface reported that the update was successful but the camera never came online again. It does its servo calibration routine when powered but that is all.
Searching the internet I can see that there are several reports of this problem but as far I can see no cure other than asking the supplier for a RMA. I am not interested in sending this cheap device half around the world for a repair or exchange unit, so I decided to try to fix it myself.
Luckily, I was able to get it going again and the process was fairly simple.

Warning:  This process worked for my problem but I cannot guarantee that it will work for you.

You need:
-To void your warranty.
-Some serial TTL interface for your computer.
-Your favorite terminal computer application.
-Soldering iron.
-Small screwdriver.
-Download version of firmware.

Remove bottom cover unscrewing four screws. Then solder your TTL interface according to picture below.


Then launch your terminal program with these settings. Of course you will have to find your own com port number.

18-06-2013 18-16-18

If you have done it right you shold get text flying over your screen when powering the camera.
This text will after a little while halt.
With your wired network connected to the camera execute the following commands:

First press enter or esc to get to the promt.
type: “/etc/init.d/S80network” + enter
type: “ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast” + enter (you will have to adjust the ip address so it fits in your network)

Now the camera web server should be accessible from your browser again. Point it to http://your ip address above:88 (in my case
Camera will not work and lot of info will be missing because many processes are not running, never mind this.
Then go to the system – firmware upgrade page and upload version firmware.
When camera is done with the upload and reboot it should be working again.

After this downgrade, I was successful in upgrading to version I have several times tried to downgrade and thereafter upgrade but I have not been successful in reproducing the error.