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Today I decided to try out the pa0rdt Mini Whip design.

I have only have tested it for å few hours, but so far I find it performing a lot better on the LF and MF spectrum compared to my other Active Antenna discussed I an earlier post on this site.

On shortwave up to 20m it seems to perform about the same BUT there is a very important difference between the two; pa0rdt design dos not overload when I simultaneously transmit on other bands. My other active antenna makes all kinds of crazy bi-products while transmitting.

I think I was a bit too hasty with my first report regarding the difference in performance of the two active antennas. Now, after a little more use I think they perform almost equally. The pa0rdt whip has a bit more gain but the SNR seems to be about the same.


pa0rdt Mini Whip Amplifier without whip

pa0rdt Mini Whip Amplifier without whip


17-02-2013 pa0rdt-Mini-Whip

pa0rdt Mini Whip Amplifier