19 comments on “Welltech wireless headphones – batteries replacement

  1. Thanks for the info ! i’d changed my batteries but he wont charge sow i thought the headphone was broke, stupid protective thingy :p thanks !!

  2. Hi – I had just replaced a wire to battery terminal that had corroded and gone o/c, caused by a leaking battery. Then fitted batteries that had been charged on a separate charger. All worked fine EXCEPT it did not charge. Fortunately thought of looking for manual on www – saw your advice – all working fine now! Thanks a 10**6! John in Scotland.

  3. Thank you very much for your effort and sharing with us your findings! I really like these headphones!
    (mainly because they are compatible with other brand, but same frequency transmitters). I have one transmitter connected to my TV, and one to my PC (on different channels), so I can change the “source” with a single button on my headphones. 🙂
    Thanks again!:)
    Zoltan from Hungary

  4. Fantastic info. And the extra mile with the antenna replacement. Cheap at half the price!
    If I may impose on your knowledge further… I assume that you replaced the cable coming out of the ‘audio in’ with this?
    Many thanks

  5. Hi there. Can I ask you a really stupid question. How do you remove the cover to access the battery location? I’m tempted to horse into the foam with a screwdriver but I know there’s an easier way. Any takers on this one ??

  6. After just reading the comments great replies .
    is there any way of buying new foam covers from a supplier
    if still available as mine need replacing as the rubber coating has flaked.

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