One comment on “Picaxe GPS NMEA-0183 Decoder

  1. Dear Geir,
    after 2 years with HP and 38 with Philips International I still loving electronics. Was my professional life still may hobby. As matter of fact I have already a GPS clock, I mean a Photo tracker from Sony adapted to permanent clock with a lot of inconveniences. Small display size, builtin antenna so always glued to my office window.
    But … there are not cheaper GPS clocks to buy, there are a lot of projects asking adaptations and SW code manipulation. I’m 76 yo so no age to adventures.
    I was a chartered electronics engineer but it was a long century ago.
    Therefore I’ve not problems to design a PCB with Target 2001 or to do all related matters to buildup a GPS, my only problem resides on getting a place where to buy a programmed MCU.
    Have suggestion?
    I appreciate very much.
    Kind regards

    Rui Figueiredo
    From Lisbon Portugal

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