One comment on “FT-1000D Noise Blanker Modification

  1. I just bought a FT 1000, not a D, and sent to Tom, W8JI, for this plug in Mod.
    I am in Tampa Florida, and I clean roofs for a living, so I can’t afford a Hiberling or K3, LOL
    I also have a Kenwood TS 850 I plant to sell because I like the FT 1000 Better!
    I work 10 and 40 meters a lot, mostly SSB.
    I get great TX Audio reports from my FT 1000!
    Clean TX Audio is a must because Tampa is full of local Hams, I dont want to splatter.
    Plus, I have a Commander HF 2500, so I need a clean TX Signal.
    I have a 40 meter roof vertical with elevated radials, and my siganl is always clean on my Scope!

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