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Here’s a short and mainly visual explanation of my Dream DRM setup.


PowerSDR-IQ and Dream

Here I’m using Dream version 1.12b. I have had trouble with the current (1.14) release crashing. For CAT control between Dream and PowerSDR you must make sure that your Dream has the HamLib included. Sound output is depending on the faad dll, AAC audio Codec file which is not included in the Dream package do to some rights issues.




You will need a Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) for passing the receiver spectrum from PowerSDR to Dream.



VSP Manager by K5FR

For CAT control you will need a set of Virtual COM Ports. Here I’m using the VSP Manager by K5FR.



Dream -> Sound in

Dream -> Sound out

Dream - Select COM port

Dream - Select type of CAT device - I use TS-2000, it works!!

CAT setup in PowerSDR

VAC setup in PowerSDR

Bought this nice media interface of eBay for around 33USD and I must say I’ve got value for my money.
It does not have any brand but it is marked as the moddel CH-528 though.
Anyway, it can read several kinds of memory cards, it has several usb ports and audio jacks in its front.
What makes it very useful for me is that I now can connect both old IDE drives and newer SATA drives on the fly without opening my computer or rebooting. This is a very good thing as friends and family constantly drops by with a “computer problem” which needs to be rectified. Hooking up a drive for data recovery is now very easy.

Here’s some pix…

Cable for external drives
Front view

Rear view

Power, SATA, USB x 2 & Audio cables

Lid removed

Upper PCB removed

Another close up with the upper PCB removed

Unit in place

Simultaneously testing a IDE & SATA drive

View of disk manager with SD card, USB pen drive, IDE & SATA drive


Here’s the SV1EIA usb2sdr board controlling the Si570 chip on the vfo kit from K5JHF/K5BCQ, the MCU and display unit are of course removed. And the Si570 board is clocking the LA6NCA QSD unit. I haven’t calibrated anything yet, but it works fine.

Simple usb2sdr receiver setup. Top: K5JHF/K5BCQ Si570 board. Left: LA6NCA QSD board. Right: SV1EIA USB2SDR board.

Receiving wspr with the simple sdr setup.

Yesterday I received the Si570 Controller and Frequency Generator Kit by K5JHF and K5BCQ.
And today, after 3 to 4 hours work the kit was ready for a test spin. My unit has the LVDS Si570 chip, the FIN-1002 LVDS to LVTTL converter with the TC1-1TG2+ output transformer. Here are a few pix…..

The Si570 kit

A few hours work and the kit is ready and working.

Generator output @ 56.320Mhz










I’ve got these cheap but good working wireless headphones branded Welltech 40699/FKH51a.
After several years of use the two AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries dies and I replace them with new ones. But hey, they will not recharge, what is wrong? Having a closer look at the headphones I discover that the battery cases have a protective device to prevent non-rechargeable batteries getting charged. This device is a simple contact spring that has to be grounded to the battery minus potential to enable recharging. So the solution was to remove some of the insulation material at the bottom of the batteries, and now the headphones again are recharging the batteries.

I have also done a small modification to the base unit. I have removed the small internal wire antenna and fed the signal to an external sma connector. This enables use of a better antenna which improves coverage when moving around. A simple antenna for the 850 or 900 Mhz GSM bands works good for this unit which operates on the 860 Mhz LPD band.

Here are some pix…

Battery holder. Upper left: Safety contact spring.

insulation prevents grounding of contact spring.

Bottom insulation removed from battery.

Modified battery on the right

External antenna connector mod















Problem now resolved.

A minor technical error has appeared on this website. Problem is that the Lightbox 3 plugin suddenly has stopped working. The penalty for this is that clickable images displays in an annoying manner, sorry for the inconvenience. But a team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation and hopefully they will straighten out this hiccup in a jiffy.